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How Our Signature Framework Supports You

We believe real transformation happens when you combine multiple elements of care and support. Traditional, singular methods of therapy are often not enough for the challenges that children, teens, and parents face today.

Signature framework for holistic healing

At Moose Jaw Psychology, we address these complexities with our Signature Framework, which has four elements:

1) Individual Therapy

2) Skills Group

3) Parent/Caregiver Support

4) Team Consult

So, what are the four elements in our Signature Framework?

Element 1: Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is an important step on the journey to growth and healing. We prioritize creating a safe and confidential environment where you can feel comfortable exploring your thoughts and emotions. Our individual therapy sessions are all about YOU! 

Understanding underlying issues is the first step to meaningful change. Our experienced therapists will work with you one-on-one to uncover the root causes of your concerns. Through this personalized approach, we create treatment plans that are as unique as you are. To support your treatment plan, you may also be recommended to attend skills groups or parent sessions.

Beyond addressing specific issues, our therapy sessions focus on fostering self-awareness and personal growth. This empowers you to understand your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours more deeply.

We know life will always present new challenges. Navigating these moments can feel daunting. We completely understand and are here to provide guidance and support, offering a compassionate ear and professional insights. We're here for you, whether you're facing a significant life transition, relationship difficulties, or personal obstacles. 

With individual therapy, it’s not just about tackling today’s problems but also about building up your inner strength for the long haul.

Element 2: Skills Group

It’s so important to have a foundation of strong life skills. Recognizing this need, we offer dynamic skills groups to equip you with the tools necessary for personal and emotional success. Within this supportive and interactive environment, you’ll go on a journey of growth and development that extends beyond traditional therapy. 

Skills groups are designed to allow for skills building to support goals set out in individual sessions. This allows for more intervention and therapy hours at a fraction of the cost of individual sessions. Skills groups may satisfy the goals for therapy or provide fundamental skills to continue with individual therapy. 

Our skills groups are structured to foster a sense of community. It’s all about soaking up knowledge from others and sharing your own experience - everyone brings something to the table! Through this, you’ll learn effective communication techniques and social skills, which are a big part of healthy relationships and professional success. By expressing yourself clearly and listening actively, you can unlock new paths to understanding—and being understood.

Emotional intelligence and emotional regulation are other critical areas of focus in our skills groups. Enhancing this skill empowers you to recognize, understand, and manage your emotions and empathize with others. This heightened self-awareness leads to stronger relationships.

Life throws curveballs, but how you manage stress can make all the difference. Our skills groups teach stress management techniques that help you navigate pressure more effectively. From deep breathing exercises to time management strategies, you'll gain the tools to maintain your calm and focus, even in challenging situations.

Building resilience and self-confidence is at the heart of our skills groups. By fostering a resilient mindset, you can learn to bounce back from setbacks stronger than ever. This process naturally boosts self-confidence as you recognize your ability to overcome obstacles.

Our groups also offer strategies to understand and deal with anxiety, providing you with a sense of control over your mental and emotional well-being.

Element 3: Parent/Caregiver Support

Caregivers play a big part in the health and development of their children and teens. We know this role isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, which is why we’ve got your back too. Our parent/caregiver support options are designed to empower you with knowledge and strategies, ensuring you can provide the best possible support to your loved ones.

Parent support provides skills for parents to create a validating and positive relationship with their child or teen while effectively navigating challenges. Parent groups can be a standalone or in complement with child or teen skills group or individual therapy.  For example, our Empower Parents Teen Group complements the Teen Wellness Group. It allows parents to learn similar skills as their teen, learn a common language, and how to support their teen in successfully using their learned skills at home and outside of the group therapy sessions. 

In these sessions, we start with education. By providing insights into the development of children and teens, we aim to enhance your understanding and perspective. This knowledge equips you to relate to and support your child's or teen's journey more effectively. By recognizing the ups and downs of each developmental stage, you’ll be better equipped to navigate parenting with empathy. 

Supporting your child or teen is a delicate balance. We know it isn’t always smooth sailing! Our programs offer strategies to reinforce these efforts, fostering an environment of growth and positivity. Whether it's through reinforcing positive behaviours, providing consistent support, or just getting where they’re coming from, you'll learn to actively participate in their journey of self-improvement.

We don’t have to tell you parenting and caregiving can be stressful, particularly during challenging moments. We offer tools to help manage your stress levels and regulate your own emotions. Maintaining your composure and regulating your emotions is helpful for effective co-regulation with your child or teen, providing them with a stable and supportive environment.

We love and understand the power of community. With our parent/caregiver groups, you’ll learn from other caregivers facing similar challenges. We facilitate connections with others who share your experiences, creating a network of mutual support and encouragement.

With this option, we also provide guidance on effective parenting approaches and techniques. We cover a broad spectrum of parenting topics, from communication strategies and behaviour management methods that respect your child's or teen's development. These insights are designed to help you navigate the complexities of parenting, ensuring you have the tools to support your child's or teen's growth most effectively.

Element 4: Team Consult

We’re all about helping therapists level up. The last piece of our signature framework involves providing opportunities for professional growth and collaboration. Our team of experienced clinicians is available to offer guidance and support, ensuring that the care we provide is both evidence-based and effective.

By embracing multidisciplinary perspectives, therapists can view challenges from various angles, enriching the process. Diversity in thought and approach allows for more comprehensive problem-solving and case analysis, ensuring that no aspect of a client’s needs is overlooked.

Professional development is a cornerstone of the work we do. By creating an environment that encourages continuous learning and skill enhancement, we ensure that our therapists know the latest in mental health care and are skilled in applying these insights effectively. You can rest easy knowing that you're getting the best care when you walk through our doors. 

How Our Signature Framework Supports You

Our Commitment to You: We are committed to personalized, holistic care.

This Signature Framework is the foundation for creating a customized plan for every individual and family we work with.

To learn more about how our Signature Framework can support you and your loved ones, contact us or book your first appointment today.


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