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Teen Wellness - Group Therapy

Being a teenager is not easy! 

This group is for overwhelmed tweens and teens that are ready to go from struggling to thriving! It is often hard for them to manage their emotions, mood, anxiety, relationships and self-esteem.

When your tween/teen is highly sensitive, they get upset easily, have extreme emotional reactions and experience difficulty calming down from big emotions. You may be walking on eggshells or consumed with fear that every time your tween/teen gets triggered, they will lash out in hurtful or explosive ways.

In the Teen Wellness Group, your teen will learn….

  • Gain perspective, peer acceptance and practice communication and regulation skills with others working to build the same skills.

  • Learn and practice healthy communication skills which helps to improve relationships and mood.

  • Tolerate distress without becoming overwhelmed by difficult situations.

  • Practice being present in the moment. Being present in the current moment not only helps to regulate emotions but is also effective in managing symptoms of anxiety and low mood.

  • Regulate emotions so that they are better able to respond constructively to the current situation while reducing conflict.

  • Identify problematic thinking patterns and learn strategies to rewire these thinking patterns

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Your teen will be able to:

  • Be aware of their emotions and respond differently rather than lash out in problematic ways.

  • Cope and deal with difficulties so they no longer make the situation worse with impulsive behaviour in the moment.

  • Communicate their needs clearly to create positive relationships that foster health esteem. 

  • Re-evaluate their perspective to reduce anxious and depressed feelings.

Group Details


One group for 11-13 years of age and another group for 14-17 years of age.


Each group session is 90 minutes long which allows for thorough discussions, and opportunities to learn and practice new skills.


This 24-week DBT skills based curriculum covers a range of topics and techniques to empower teens to manage their emotions, develop coping strategies, and make personal growth.

Intake Assessment

Prior to placement in the group, an intake session is required to ensure the best fit for your teen's needs and goals. This assessment allows our DBT team to gain valuable insights and tailor the group experience accordingly.

Group Pricing

$75 per 90 minute group session.

Parent participation recommended. 12 week parent component called Empower Parents-Teen.

Interested In Our Teen Wellness Group?

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