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Empower Parents - Group Therapy

This group is for parents and caregivers of children and teenagers

Parents of children 12 and under and parents of teens meet in two different groups.

Parenting can be challenging, exhausting and confusing. This group was created to empower parents to show up in healthy and enriching ways for themselves and their child/teen.


Stop feeling confused and lost in your role as a caregiver and start feeling empowered and confident. Children and teens often experience unexpected rollercoasters of emotions, and all too often as parents we respond on a rollercoaster of our own emotions. 

This may leave you feeling:

  • Angry at your child’s behaviour, your own reaction, or feeling unsupported by your partner.

  • Guilty for your response, wondering what you did wrong as a parent, questioning if you have done enough.

  • Self-doubt about your ability to parent in healthy ways which further contributes to the overwhelming feelings of parent guilt.

  • Disappointed in your child’s behaviour and your experience as a parent. Maybe you feel that there is gap between your expectations and reality.

  • Helplessness since nothing seems to work. You’ve tried everything and nothing helps.

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There are two versions of this group.

  1. Empower Parents-Child group is based on proven strategies to foster healthy attachment and connection to tackle today’s challenges and to serve as a foundation for our future in parenting a teen.

  2. Empower Parents-Teen group is a parent group based on proven DBT skills that provides you with the understanding and tools to confidently support your teen as they are navigating their day to day world with increased independence.

Group Details


In both parenting groups, parents will learn how to:
Respond to your child’s/ teen’s big emotions, understand your child/teen even when they are overwhelmed, manage your own emotional response to their difficult emotions, manage your stress, stay calm and see the situation more clearly so that you can guide your child/teen towards healthier choices, and communicate better with each other in more respectful and productive ways.


The Empower Parents- Child group meets weekly for 6 weeks for 90 minute group sessions.

The Empower Parents- Teen group meets weekly for 12 weeks for 90-minute group sessions.

Parent Intake Session

A parent intake session is mandatory before joining the group to determine if this session is a good fit for you and your family.


The cost to join is $75 per 90 minute session.

It is expected that parents commit for all 6 (for the child group) and all 12 (for the teen group) sessions.

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