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Jenna Corcoran

BA, BSW, Registered Social Worker

Hi I’m Jenna Corcoran and I am registered social worker and mental health therapist, but you might also call me an accountability partner: a guide to achieving wellness or a big fan of slowing down.

Getting to know who you are and what you value is a huge part of being able to live a fulfilling life. Slowing down and making the time to get a better understanding of yourself and your values will make a difference in how you think, behave and feel about yourself, your environment and your relationships.

Over the past ten years I have worked in the public and non-profit sector supporting people in recognizing when they are overwhelmed and working with them to identify a do-able plan towards better mental, emotional and physical health, interpersonal effectiveness and self-realization. 

I enjoy working in all areas of mental and behavioral health and have worked with individuals on managing anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, substance use, tobacco cessation, lifestyle changes, interpersonal and intimate relationship issues, chronic pain and insomnia. As a therapist I am here to meet you where you’re at and support you in achieving better functioning. 

I have a particular passion for working with grief and life transitions, specifically related to parenthood and reproductive loss. Having experienced my own loss in this area, I know the importance of integrating the internal and external narrative of our loss through restorative retelling and I hope to be able to help you find a way to carry your loved one with you into your changed future. 

Presenting Issues: Anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, grief, lifestyle changes, interpersonal relationship issues, life transitions.

Special Interest: Perinatal and maternal mental health, reproductive and perinatal loss. 

Education: I have a Bachelors of Arts from the University of Saskatchewan and a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Regina. I am currently completing research in the area of reproductive trauma and perinatal loss as the final requirement to complete a Masters of Social Work at the University of Regina. 

Types of Therapy: I am trained in Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Behavioral Health training. I have additional experience in using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Reality Therapy and Choice Theory and Exposure therapy in a clinical setting.

Client Focus: Adults

Favorite Quote: “Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you- all of the expectations, all of the beliefs- and becoming who you are.”

More than just my work: I am a mother of two fantastic children and often find myself outdoors enjoying the simple things like searching for the perfect rock, investigating insect habitats or rolling in the winter snow.

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