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Kids Emotion Regulation - Group Therapy

Kids Emotion Regulation Group

This group is for children aged 7-11 years.

Is your child navigating the rollercoaster of emotions? Do you wish to equip them with essential skills for emotional regulation and self-awareness? Welcome to our Kids Emotion Regulation group – a safe haven where young hearts discover the tools to navigate their emotional landscapes with confidence and resilience.

Interoception is an important and often overlooked part of emotion regulation. Different emotions feel different in the body, and these physical feelings are often one of the first clues about how a child is feeling. In this group your child will learn to notice what their body is telling them before the feeling escalates to an unhelpful behaviour.

Kid's Playing Outdoor

The Challenges Children Face

Emotional Turbulence: Kids often find themselves overwhelmed by a whirlwind of emotions – from joy and excitement to frustration and sadness. Understanding and managing these emotions is crucial for their overall well-being.

Difficulty in Expression: Children may struggle to articulate their feelings effectively, leading to misunderstood emotions, frustration, and a sense of isolation. Expressing emotions is a fundamental skill that empowers them to connect with themselves and others.

Interoceptive Awareness: Many kids are not fully aware of their internal sensations and how they connect to their emotions. Developing interoception – the ability to sense and understand internal signals – is essential for emotional regulation and self-awareness.

Bridging the Gap to Emotional Wellness

Empathetic and Supportive Environment: Our therapy group provides a nurturing space where kids can openly express their feelings without judgment. Our trained therapists create a supportive environment that encourages sharing and understanding.

Skill-building for Emotional Regulation: Through interactive activities and age-appropriate exercises, we empower kids with practical tools for identifying and managing their emotions. From breathing exercises to creative expression, we guide them towards a deeper understanding of themselves.

Promoting Healthy Communication: Effective expression is a cornerstone of emotional well-being. This group focuses on enhancing verbal and non-verbal communication skills, fostering healthy connections with peers, family, and the broader community.

Interoception Training: Our unique program incorporates interoception training to help kids connect with their internal sensations. This awareness forms a strong foundation for emotional regulation, resilience, and a deeper understanding of self.

Your child will develop:

Enhanced Emotional Intelligence: Equip your child with the tools to navigate complex emotions, fostering a strong foundation for emotional intelligence that will serve them throughout life.

Improved Social Skills: Through group activities, we encourage healthy peer interactions, helping children build stronger social connections and friendships.

Increased Self-Confidence: As kids learn to express themselves and regulate their emotions, their self-confidence and self-esteem naturally grow.

Life-long Coping Strategies: The skills acquired in this group are not just for today but will serve your child well into adolescence and adulthood, promoting mental and emotional well-being throughout their life journey.

Embark on a journey of emotional discovery and resilience. Together, let's nurture the emotional well-being of your child and lay the foundation for a brighter, more resilient future.

Group Details


Each group session lasts 60 minutes including 15 minutes of parent involvement.


This 6 week program is based on CBT skills to increase your child’s awareness of their emotional and interoceptive experiences. They will also learn coping and regulation strategies to help them learn, grow and behave in healthy ways.

Intake Assessment

Prior to group placement, we conduct an intake assessment to ensure the best fit for you and your child's unique needs and goals. This valuable assessment allows us to tailor the group experience accordingly.

Group Pricing

The cost per 60 minute group session is $65.

Children meet for 60 minutes each week. Parents join for the last 15 minutes of each session to be introduced to concepts and skills that your child learned that week and how to support them in practicing at home.

“Trying to teach emotions before exploring body signals is like trying to read a book in the dark. You need light to grasp the words, just as you need body signals to comprehend emotions”

- Kelly Mahler

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