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Your Mental HEALTH Matters

Our team of mental health professionals are here to help you achieve a balanced and fulfilling life!




Moose Jaw, SK - mental health services

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, worried, or irritable? Relationships feel difficult and it can be hard to connect with others… it might even be hard to connect with yourself. 


We’ve got you and your family covered. Let's get things back on track.

Our Signature Framework FOr HOLISTIC HEALING

We have developed a comprehensive approach to personal growth, healing, and lasting change. Our framework is designed to address the unique needs of children, teens and their parents who are ready to see improvement in their relationships and overall functioning. 

At Moose Jaw Psychology Services, we believe that true transformation happens when you integrate multiple elements of care and support. 

Therapy at Moose Jaw Psychology Services

Adult Therapy

Effective and compassionate 1:1 support to navigate life’s challenges.

Teen Therapy

An opportunity for your teen to explore self-discovery and personal growth.

Play Therapy
Child Therapy

Therapy to support your child through big and small emotions.

Group Therapy

 Work through your “tough stuff” with others that have similar experiences.

Trauma Therapy

Therapy to help you heal from your past and build a brighter future.

Assessments at Moose Jaw Psychology Services

Psychological Assessments

Diagnostic assessments to provide clarity and treatment recommendations for a range of concerns.

Developmental Assessment

Better understand your child’s development in order to guide early intervention planning.

Autism Assessment

Learn if you or your child is experiencing behaviors related to autism spectrum disorder.


Founder of Moose Jaw Psychology Services

Frances is a mother, wife, psychologist, and business owner who understands the overwhelm, pressure, and self-doubt that comes with balancing family, work, and the demands of life. It can be stressful.


She created a therapeutic environment that is compassionate, honest, authentic, and safe. Giving you the freedom and opportunity to step into your very best self; to show up for yourself in a meaningful way. 


Frances has contributed to the field of mental health and psychology through her work in both the private and public sectors. She continues to invest in the profession as a clinical supervisor for graduate students, and provisionally registered psychologists. 

Her goal is to enrich and support the training of mental health professionals in our community so they can be there for you and your family when you need them. 

Your mental health matters.

Frances of Moose Jaw Psychology Services

Why Choose Moose Jaw Psychology Services?

Mental health matters. Getting support when you need it is important.

That is why we offer therapy appointments with no wait-list.


Accessing private mental health support is an investment in your well-being!

Although most services are covered by extended health benefits, we provide service options at a range of affordability levels including individual therapy, and group therapy programs offered at a fraction of the cost of individual therapy. Stay tuned for our new Internship Program set to launch in early 2023! The Internship Program will allow you to access individual therapy at reduced rates with interns who are gaining experience while working under close supervision.


We offer in-person therapy appointments at our Moose Jaw location and virtual appointments across Saskatchewan.

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